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Jefferson Yates

Jefferson Yates

Jefferson Yates

Associate Attorney

“I approach each case with empathy and patience. We are all in this together. I believe in the team approach to resolving conflict, but I am willing to fight for my clients when necessary.”

Jefferson Yates grew up on a farm in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. He completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science at The Ohio State University. Jefferson believes that to be a good leader, your priority should be to build up those around you. He learned the importance of community by volunteering with the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference for several years. He served as the Director of Public Relations and Director of Operation for the Southwest Ohio Program.

Jefferson learned the importance of representation in the legal profession. He identifies as a member of the LGBT+ community where he has witnessed firsthand the prejudices that hinder the success of certain groups. While attending Capital University Law School, Jefferson interned with Equality Ohio where he worked to advance the rights and protections of LGBT+ individuals. This opportunity allowed him to join the Lavender Law Conference. There he solidified his ambition to help families with their legal needs.

At Capital University Law School, Jefferson was a member of the CULS Law Review and a legal intern for the Columbus City Attorney’s Office. There he developed the skills to navigate legal proceedings and the adversarial process. He built relationships with many legal professionals who offered their expertise in growing his legal knowledge. Jefferson worked on issues involving Domestic Violence and experienced the impact of such matters on family dynamics.

Jefferson has focused his career on the field of family law and domestic relations. His small town background combined with his diverse experiences allow him a broader view of the needs of the clients at our firm. He knows the value of both a chosen family and a legal one. 

Jefferson lives in Dublin where he enjoys physical fitness and discovering local dining spots. He continues to serve his community by remaining a volunteer with the Hugh O’Brian Program and is a member of the LGBT Bar Association.

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