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Garibaldy Volney

Garibaldy Volney

Garibaldy Volney

Senior Associate Attorney

“Life is a rollercoaster. It is going to have its ups and downs. For many, one of those downs may
involve the dissolution of a marital relationship. In trying times, I find it best to surround myself with
family and loved ones to help me through. Essentially, at our firm, you are getting a family of legal professionals equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to get you through a difficult situation and provide that much-needed support.”

Garibaldy Volney is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and immigrated to Orlando, Florida, at the age of six. He completed his undergraduate degree in Philosophy and minored in Political Science at Florida State University, where he graduated Cum Laude. While attending FSU, Garibaldy learned the importance of community involvement and being a positive representation of his
community. Promoting diversification, Garibaldy simultaneously sat on the 66 th Student Senate in the College of Arts & Sciences, the board of Black Law Student Association, and the board of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Garibaldy realized his passion for the legal profession at a young age. Growing up in an impoverished community, he was no stranger to the disadvantages associated with poverty. At the young age of thirteen, Garibaldy witnessed the impact that a lack of knowledge of the law can have on his immediate family and his community. Driven by those experiences, Garibaldy was inspired to apply to law school in hopes of bridging the wide educational gap prevalent in his community. He seeks to empower his community by being a knowledgeable resource and a positive representation.

While attending Moritz, Garibaldy served concurrently as the Social Chair and Gala liaison of the Black Law Student Association, An Editor for the Ohio State Criminal Law Journal, A student board member on the Alvis 180 Impact Board of Directors, A hearing officer for the Teen Court diversion program at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center, and worked part-time as a law clerk at Petroff Law Offices and the Federal Capital Habeas Unit.

Garibaldy’s law clerk experience at Petroff Law Offices for two-thirds of his law school career reaffirmed his desire to focus his legal career in the field of domestic relations. Garibaldy’s broad range of life experiences has made it easy for him to relate to the diverse pool of clients represented by our firm, and vice versa. Garibaldy resides in Worthington. He enjoys visiting state and national parks with friends and giving back to his community through his involvement with the Franklin County Teen Court program.

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