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Best of the Best Top 10 Family Law Attorney Award

Top Columbus Family Law Firm, Petroff Law Offices, is proud to announce that attorney Ronald Petroff was recently selected to receive the “Best of the Best Top 10 Family Law Attorney Award” from Best of the Best Attorneys to honor our dedication to client satisfaction.

The Best of the Best Attorneys is dedicated to promoting the highest standard of legal excellence. Members are either nominated by peers, clients, and/or our research team.

This Top 10 Best of the Best Attorney Award is reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in their practice. Of the 1.3 million attorneys practicing in the United States less than .05% of Attorneys will receive this distinction.

Selection to this list provides independent third-party validation of each attorney, their practice, assures new clients that they are hiring the absolute best of the best!

“I am truly honored and very proud of this award,” said attorney Ronald Petroff. “At our firm, we take great pride in providing a high level of individualized attention to each of our clients. We take the time to fully understand their situation, provide an honest assessment of their options, and advocate for the best possible outcomes at every step.”

Petroff added, “Oftentimes clients walk in the door and feel like they have no one they can trust. But when they leave knowing that there is someone out there fighting for them, fighting to get the best possible outcome, and fighting to reach their goals—that is what we strive for. I am honored to be recognized for those efforts.”

Many attorneys can achieve high degrees of success, but this is often at the expense or satisfaction of the most important person in the case—the client. Best of the Best Attorneys looks for lawyers who have achieved unparalleled success in a way that benefits their clients. Very few attorneys can do so, and our firm recognizes this significant achievement.

The criteria for “Best of the Best Top 10 Family Law Attorney Award” selection include:

  • Client/Peer Reviews

  • Advanced Degrees

  • Other/previous Awards received

  • Professional Associations

  • Publications

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Must not have faced or been subject to any Attorney Grievance Committee discipline

  • Standing in their State Bar

This list represents what factors Best of the Best Attorneys considers in an attorney nomination. However, an attorney may also request consideration other information not listed above. When this is requested, Best of the Best Attorneys does so on a case by case basis.

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