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Choosing the Right Ohio Divorce Attorney

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Ohio Divorce Attorney

Life often presents us with choices and decisions that, although unexpected, determine the outcome of our future financial and personal livelihood. Unfortunately, for many people, with the current divorce rate being 45%, one of these decisions is choosing the right Ohio divorce lawyer for your divorce and child custody proceedings.

The emotional toll of divorce and custody disputes is felt long before the start of court appearances and negotiations. From the onset, one of the most stressful decisions a party must make is choosing the right attorney. It is often difficult to decipher the most important factors in making this crucial decision, especially in a world driven by advertisement, often empty promises and gimmick-driven tactics. The best attorney isn’t necessarily the one with the flashiest ads or shiniest billboards.

Much of the stress associated with finding the right divorce attorney can be alleviated by analyzing the following factors when determining the right fit for you.

1.Referrals & Client Feedback

Many decisions we make every day are based on the positive or negative feedback we receive on the various choices we are presented with before making a conclusion on the best viable option. Choosing your divorce attorney should be no different. The published feedback provided by previous clients provides you with the insight needed to determine the attorney’s legal aptitude, as well as his/her ability to gain and keep client trust. It is especially important to note the longevity of client reviews to determine how long the attorney has provided superior service to clients in the community.

Similarly, asking friends, family and established members of your community for personal divorce attorney referrals will yield the same results: you will often find yourself with names of quality attorneys who have mastered the practice of domestic relations law and are prepared to adequately handle your matter.

2. Area of Practice & Cost

The law firm you choose should primarily focus its practice in the field of domestic relations and family law. This factor is often overlooked by many clients, but is quite possibly the most important. Often tempted by “one-stop shop” structured law firms that offer seemingly cost-effective services, clients come to find that, ultimately, a unique matter, such as a high asset divorce, requires an equally unique attorney. Specializing in one area of law allows the firm to best train attorneys to practice in that area, as well as provides the best opportunity for the firm to develop solid long-term familiarity and professional relationships with the courts.

While it is important to find fair, transparent, and cost-effective legal representation, you must also keep in mind that a well-executed divorce or dissolution will mean a financial investment. However, the future of you (and oftentimes, your family) depends on the investment you choose to make and how your divorce is resolved.


This point is obvious and simple, yet many clients find themselves working with a non-communicative attorney. The delicate nature of divorce and custody cases makes finding an attentive attorney a must. Establishing a solid professional relationship with a firm where both attorneys and support staff understand the importance of client communication will prove extremely beneficial to achieving the best end result.

4.Connection to the Community

Part of finding the right fit when searching for the best divorce attorney has little to do with appearing at court, and much to do with the team back at the office you will need to help you navigate the back roads of divorce proceedings. You may need to refinance your home, sell your home, or find a way to place a value on a business you spent years establishing. Your attorney should not only have a solid and established reputation in the community, but also a built in referral source of other top-notch professionals that can help you before, during, and after your divorce. Finding an attorney with solid professional relationships will allow you to have an expert team of real estate agents, bank professionals, and financial consultants at your call should you need their services.

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