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Helping Children Cope With A Divorce

Kids get stressful due to their parent’s divorce. You can try the below ways to help your child cope with it:

  1. Listen and discuss: It is necessary to discuss the changes that may take place in their life after divorce so that they are prepared for them. Listen to their opinions and wishes and assure them that the decision of divorce is for the greater benefit of the family.

  2. Help kids express their feelings: Do not downplay their emotions. Let them express their anguish, frustration, pain, and sorrow as they also need time and support to cope with such a traumatic situation. Talk to them openly about their problems. The expression of hurt, sorrow, and anger will help them understand and accept the reality and deal with it positively.

  3. Provide a stable life: A divorce can shake the very foundation of the family and kids feel threatened about the consequences. Separation from your partner can lead to an unstable emotional and financial condition in the family. The focus of the parents, even after separation, should be to make sure that their kids are financially and emotionally stable. For that, both the partners will have to sit together and sort out a plan on how to manage the issues so that the future of the kids is not hampered in any way.

  4. Manage custody with your ex: After a divorce, parents often share the custody of the children so that the kids can spend time with both their parents without any legal issues. But sometimes, accusations, blames and misunderstandings can ruin the whole arrangement, and the kids are the ones who suffer in this. Smoothly manage the timings when one parent can meet or spend time with the kids. Do not argue with your ex in front of the children as it can make the meeting arrangements difficult to execute.

  5. Keep a check on your child’s health: Needless to say, divorce is stressful. But, don’t neglect your kid’s health in the midst of all the legal hassles and battles. Take care of their health. If they have a medical condition, ensure that you stick to the medication schedule.

Kids mean the world to parents, they go to great lengths to make them happy. And when you put your earnest efforts in helping them cope with an unpleasant event such as divorce, they are sure to come out of it. However, they might have a lot of questions, which you’ll have to patiently answer.

Reviewed by Ronald R. Petroff (Family Attorney)

Written by Kalpana M

June 9, 2020

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