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Is Dissolution the Right Choice for You?

Is Dissolution the Right Choice for You?

Ending a marriage is never easy, but it can be a bit simpler if you and your spouse opt to file for a Dissolution of Marriage instead of a Divorce. There are several advantages to a dissolution, including the possibility of a quicker resolution, less expense for both parties, and the possibility of resolving financial and personal matters without rancor, but dissolutions are not right for everyone.

Take some time to think about the issues at stake before you commit to a dissolution rather than filing for divorce. It’s a good idea to consult with a dissolution attorney in Columbus, Ohio who can walk you through some of the considerations before you make a final decision. Dissolutions often sound good on their face, but in reality, simply cause to delay the process.

Separation Agreement

Can you and your spouse work out a viable agreement that covers division of assets and debts, spousal support, child support, custody, parenting issues, division of property and all other issues surrounding the end of a marriage? It’s a tall order, and not every couple can amicably work through their differences and come to an agreement that is fair to both parties. If you are willing to sit down together and negotiate an agreement that is fair and equitable, a dissolution can help you both move on without going through an adversarial divorce.

Trust Issues

It is essential to have trust in each other and confidence that both parties are fully disclosing information about incomes, assets, needs and wants. Dissolutions require the voluntary disclosure of assets and liabilities and full financial transparency. If you don’t believe your partner will be forthcoming with the information needed, a divorce is a better option, as the courts can force your spouse to provide all needed documentation to verify income and debts. You may also want to hire a dissolution attorney in Columbus, Ohio to take a look at the Separation Agreement before you file it to make sure there are no issues that could result in the Court rejecting the Agreement at your Dissolution final hearing.

Support Issues

If your finances aren’t in order and you worry about having enough money to pay the bills or support any children from the marriage, a dissolution may not be the right option for you. While a dissolution generally takes less time than a divorce, you can’t file for temporary or emergency support while you’re waiting for the dissolution to be finalized by the court.

On the other hand, if your spouse is willing to voluntarily give you the financial support you need or you don’t need temporary help with your expenses, dissolution may be appropriate. Since a dissolution can be resolved more quickly once the Separation Agreement is filed, you will end up with a final Order of Support sooner.

Child Custody Issues

If you have children, a Dissolution of Marriage becomes more complicated, but it can be done. You and your spouse will have to create a Parenting Plan that outlines custody and visitation arrangements, support guidelines and addresses issues such as religious and educational upbringing. If you and your spouse are generally on the same page about these issues, you may be able to develop a parenting plan that will work for both of you and, more importantly, your children. The more closely the two of you are attuned on child rearing issues, the more likely you will be able to come up with a Parenting Plan that works.

Right or Wrong for You?

If you and your spouse agree that your marriage is over and you’re both ready to move on, a Dissolution may be the appropriate way to end your marriage. It can save you time and money that can be better used elsewhere, but only if you are able to work together to create a Separation Agreement and Parenting Plan that is acceptable to both of you.

If you feel threatened, don’t agree with your spouse’s parenting choices, or don’t trust your spouse to be honest about finances, a divorce is the better option. To determine whether a dissolution or divorce is the best path for you, take the time to consult with a dissolution attorney in Columbus, Ohio who can help you review your options. You can count on the attorneys at Petroff Law Offices to help you determine whether a Dissolution is the right choice.

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