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Queries Kids Have About Divorce

The most likely questions children might have are:

  • What’s a divorce?

  • Why are you getting divorced?

  • Who will take care of me?

  • Where will I sleep?

  • Who will take care of mommy/ daddy?

  • Who will take care of the pet?

  • Who will drop and pick me up from school?

  • Where will I celebrate my birthday?

  • Will both of you come for the school events?

  • “I will miss mommy”, or “I will miss daddy.”

If you don’t have an answer to certain questions, be honest about it instead of brushing them aside. The more you nurture and love them, the better they adjust to the changes.

Nothing lasts forever, and so do hard times. But then changes are not always easy. Fortunately, children are resilient to change. As a parent, you need to make it easy for your children and help them adjust to the new situation and remain stable after the divorce.

Sharing a painful event can be disturbing, but it can free you from your negative emotions. If you feel like sharing your experience, please do so in the comments section below.

Reviewed by Ronald R. Petroff (Family Attorney)

Written by Kalpana M

June 9, 2020

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